Focus on: Permaquip Long Rail Trailer (LRT)


The LRT offers a simple and effective solution to moving LWR.

Use in conjunction with a compatible RRV, such as, the Permaquip Kubota RTV X1110 RRV, or our sister company Aquarius’ Road Rail 4×4 vehicles and R2R trailers.

✔ Move up to 108m (350’) lengths of rail with the Permaquip Kubota RRV
✔ Move up to 216m (709’) lengths of rail with an R2R 4×4
✔ Works under OHL
✔ Can travel over S&C
✔ Can thread rail in and out of the four-foot
✔ No damage to rail or infrastructure
✔ Minimal manual handling
✔ Simple and safe

A simple, efficient way to move long rails down the track with ease. As well as, offering even more ways to lower MUC costs whilst improving safety.

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