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We’ve been helping railways around the world stay safe for over 50 years.

Not just safe; our innovations have solved railway maintenance tasks and challenges as they’ve emerged, improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, while keeping closures and delays to a minimum.

Today the Permaquip name is a byword in the rail industry for safe, rugged and dependable products, made in the UK to world-class standards and relied on by the best in every kind of rail environment and climate.

Permaquip Rail Maintenance Equipment


The Permaquip brand is synonymous with failsafe products that are ahead of the curve: plant and equipment that anticipate demand for new rail maintenance solutions and keep our customers competitive.

The way we feed our innovation process is with knowledge and insights from our customers, and with experience of our own, gathered over half a century of meeting the industry’s needs.

It’s not just about designing a product that can perform its task with maximum efficiency and reliability. The job of getting our equipment to the right place at the right time, quickly and easily, is as important to us as doing the job itself.

When we have a blueprint of a new product, we utilise the latest engineering design technologies to bring it to life with all of the strength, agility and staying power it’s going to need to bear the Permaquip name.

Permaquip Rail Maintenance Link Trolley

Quality Management

Both our business and our products comply fully with UK and international quality management standards.

Permaquip is ISO 9001 approved and holds RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) accreditation.

Our global distributor network is supported by the same UK-audited processes to guaranteed consistency of quality and reliability in our service and our products.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, all Permaquip products carry BS, EN and CE markings and are supported by a fully-certified UK-based supply chain.

Permaquip Service and Support

Our Values

Integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability: these are the values that guide our performance and provide a touchstone for all of our employees in an uncertain world.

Integrity in all of our stakeholder relationships; excellence in design and manufacture; teamwork across all of our operations; commitment to the very highest standards of service; and sustainability through innovative solutions to our customers’ needs.

Permaquip Rail Type B Trolley Crane


Permaquip then, Permaquip today

Our story since 1970 is one of constant forward motion. Since our earliest days building railway tools and equipment we’ve continually pushed into new territory, developing new products to meet new challenges, and creating industry-standard equipment along the way.

Products such as our bespoke personnel carriers, on-track maintenance (OTM) equipment and high-capacity catenary trolleys (HCTs) saw us become the first choice among UK contractors in the 1980s and 1990s.

Our highway-based Volvo HP950 catenary vehicles became a familiar feature of the West Coast modernisation works, and our Road Rail Land Rovers became the backbone of many remote maintenance facilities, transferring personnel and materials in challenging weather conditions.

Permaquip’s tried-and-tested equipment and groundbreaking products are relied on by leading rail networks and maintenance contractors around the world.

They rely on us to keep them moving, which is why we’ve never believed in standing still

Permaquip Link Trolley


No matter where they are in the world, it’s our belief that every Permaquip customer deserves the same seamless experience, every time they interact with our brand.

We ensure that our values are shared across our distributor network, as well as an in-depth knowledge of our products: on top of their own industry experience, our distributors’ engineers all undergo extensive training at our in-house facility in the UK. And when they’re in the field, they can call on back-up from Permaquip’s UK-based Technical Support team, whenever they need it.

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