Permaquip on Tour: Poland and Ireland


Trako Poland 2023: a showcase of rail innovation

September was a busy month for Permaquip as Richard and Pawel joined our Polish distributor, Lifton Polska, at Trako 2023. Where we showcased our products, including the Link Trolley MK2, Ironman MK3, New Stressor, and Rail Scrubber.

Trako 2023 was the 15th International Rail Fair in Gdansk, featuring 617 exhibitors from 30 countries.

“It was a busy event, and it was great to meet rail industry colleagues from across Europe,” said Richard Cradock, reflecting on the experience. “We are thrilled with the positive response our products received.”

IRSE Technical Day: Rivval, Ireland

Following the success at Trako 2023, Richard embarked on a journey to Ireland to continue showcasing Permaquip’s offerings. He transported the Permaquip Type B Trolley with Swing Lift Crane and the 1600mm Link Trolley to the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) Irish Section Technical Day at the Rivval Head Office.

Richard’s presentation and demonstrations at the IRSE Irish Section Technical Day garnered significant attention from attendees, showcasing the versatility and reliability of Permaquip’s rail maintenance solutions.

“We believe that our equipment can make a significant difference in rail maintenance operations,” Richard explained. “Taking our products to Ireland allowed us to connect with professionals who share our passion for enhancing rail infrastructure.”

With a focus on creating innovative rail maintenance products, the Permaquip team is excited to establish new partnerships and strengthen current ones to improve the rail sector’s future.

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