Focus on: Permaquip Kubota X1110 RRV


A versatile 4×4 which can transport personnel, tools, and equipment to and from rail work sites, as well as undertake a range of other roles, such as surveying and inspection works and vegetation management.

It can travel up to 20 mph forward on plain line, or up to 10 mph when towing/propelling, with a maximum tow capacity of 9,500 kg.

The Kubota base vehicle has been equipped by Permaquip with the following features:

  • Front and rear hydraulic deployed/retracted rail gear.
  • Drivers control module.
  • Rear view CCTV system.
  • Rail automatic switching driving lights, including rear headlights.
  • Front and rear work lights.
  • Hydraulic locking steering.
  • Rear load/passenger tub.
  • Towing propelling couplings for use with the range of accessories.
  • Failsafe hydraulic (X900 only) & air braking systems for use with the range of accessories.
  • Lifting points for on/off tracking via a crane or Hiab.

Further enhance the Permaquip Kubota RRV with these attachments:

Permaquip Personnel Carrier compatible with the Permaquip Kubota X1110 RRV

For more information, click here to see the Permaquip Kubota X1110 RRV product page or call 01623 513349 or email:


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