Permaquip Kubota RTV X1110 RRV

Product Code: 41244


The Permaquip Kubota is an Off-Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) that has been designed to facilitate the transportation of goods and personnel. These benefits can be enhanced further when used with the Permaquip Type B Towing Trailer, Gas Bottle Trailer, Personnel Carrier, Drum Trailer, Railman and Long Rail Trailer.

The Permaquip Kubota RRV is a 4 x 4 vehicle fitted with a diesel engine, which has the ability to carry two persons in the enclosed cab in addition to the payload located in the rear. This payload area can also accommodate an additional four passengers when on rail when no load is carried.

Permaquip has equipped the Kubota base vehicle with the following features:

  • Front and rear hydraulic deployed/retracted rail gear.
  • Drivers control module.
  • Rear view CCTV system.
  • Rail automatic switching driving lights, including rear headlights.
  • Front and rear work lights.
  • Hydraulic locking steering.
  • Rear load/passenger tub.
  • Towing propelling couplings for use with a range of accessories.
  • Failsafe air braking system (on X1110) for use with a range of accessories.
  • Lifting points for on/off tracking via a crane or Hiab.


  • Tare weight: 1.5 tonne, gross weight: 2.1 tonne
  • Width: 1.67m, Length: 4.02m (rail gear up), 3.88m (rail gear down), Height: 2.00m
  • Payload: 400kg, including personnel and cargo
  • Additional payload: Up to 9.5 tonnes when towing/ propelling up to 4 Permaquip Rail Trailers
  • Max. speeds: 20mph plain line and 10mph towing/ propelling

Price on sign in

Note: 20 weeks lead time