Product Spotlight: Permaquip™ Type A Trolley


Safe and effective products are essential if a job is to be completed as planned. Our products are proven in the workplace and have been used safely for over 50 years.

The Permaquip™ Type A Trolley is designed to be used as a manual propelled, stand-alone load-bearing rolling platform for use on-track. Each Type A Trolley is equipped with a fail-safe braking system and is supplied with detachable Brake and Push Handles.

  • The design is available with multiple additional options including standard or electrically insulated wheels, aluminium or wooden deck, swing lift crane & gas bottle carrier.
  • The Type A Trolley can be safely stacked in multiples of five during transit provided that this is within the vehicles operating capabilities and the load is secure and stable. They can be stacked in multiples of eight for storage.
  • Type A trolley chassis’ are powder coated yellow for high visibility when on track and supplied with red flashing LED lights to aid awareness when in low light conditions.

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