Product Spotlight: Permaquip Ironman


Safe and effective products are essential if a job is to be completed as planned. Our products, such as, the Permaquip Iroman are proven in the workplace and have been used safely for over 50 years.

The Permaquip Ironman, a proven design, is used globally across the rail infrastructure. For the lifting and transportation of rail lengths, sleepers, or parts of points and crossings (P&C) from one location to another.

  • Simple: Used either stand-alone or in multiples, the Permaquip Ironman is manually propelled along the track by two or more operators.
  • Versatile: Transpose rail from one side of the track to the other with the Ironman. By straddling the running rails, access to the four-foot, six-foot, and cess is possible.
  • Portable: The system splits into sections, for safe and secure transportation. You can assemble and disassemble in one minute.
  • Safe: Ironman is the ultimate in safety, with its high visibility yellow powder-coated frame and flashing red LED lights. Equipped with a fail-safe braking system that operates on the two wheels on one of the legs.
  • Adaptable: The design is available with multiple options including; standard or electrically insulated wheels (nylon/aluminium hybrid), single or double rail carriage, Camlok clamp or Permaquip rail lifting clamp, rail storage bracket, and sleeper lifting system.

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