Type B Trolley (Std) - Wooden Deck, Insulated Wheels

Product Code: 27789


The Permaquip™ Type B Trolley c/w Wooden Top and Insulated Wheels.

The Permaquip™ Type B Trolley is designed to be used as a manual propelled, stand-alone load-bearing rolling platform for use on-track.

Each Type B Trolley is equipped with a fail-safe braking system and is supplied with detachable Brake and Push Handles.

The Type B Trolley has been designed to be split into 2 halves to aid handling and transporting to and from site.


Length 1330mm, Width 1795mm, Height 850mm
100 KG
SWL Capacity
2000Kg UDL
Track Gauge

Note that all loads up to and including the maximum shown should be uniformly distributed. The load must be positioned equally about the Trolley centre. When used on Network Rail infrastructure, the maximum SWL is 1000 kg UDL.

Price on sign in

Note: 6 - 8 weeks lead time