Long Rail Trailer (LRT)

Product Code: 37201


The Permaquip Long Rail Trailer (LRT) system is a long rail handling and carrying device for use on-track. It has been specially developed to be used in conjunction with a compatible RRV, such as, the Permaquip Kubota RTV X1110 RRV.

  • Move long lengths of rail
  • Use with existing Permaquip RRVs
  • No OHL issues
  • Simple and safe
  • Minimal manual handling
  • Can thread rail in and out of the four-foot
  • No damage to rail or infrastructure
  • Can travel over S&C
  • 108m (350’) lengths of rail can be moved with the Permaquip Kubota RRV
  • 216m (709)’ lengths of rail can be moved with an R2R 4x4 RRV

Price on sign in

Note: 16 - 18 weeks lead time