Gas Bottle Carrier

Product Code: GBC05


The Permaquip GBC05 Gas Bottle Carrier is quickly and easily fitted to the following Permaquip products:

  • Link Trolley
  • Type A Trolley
  • Type B Trolley

The frame sits on top of the trolley using the swiveling feet at the bottom of the frame. One end hooks around the end of the frame while an adjustable end hook is used to lock the frame securely to the trolley.

After fitting, the cage is designed to accept the existing brake and push bar. The frame can then secure up to four welder’s gas bottles using ratchet straps, supplied separately.

After use the frame can be removed from the trolley, feet can be rotated in line with the frame to reduce storage space and stored easily.

Please note: GBC05 is for use on Permaquip products only.

Price on sign in

Note: 4 - 6 weeks lead time