New Stressor Half Set with Flat Face Couplings STD G/A

Product Code: 38872


The New Permaquip™ Stressor is designed to be used in sets or half sets to adjust the gap between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding, repairing rail failures, and installing insulated joints.

Based on the Permaquip™ HSM70 Stressor which is the most proven and durable Stressor on the market, the New Stressor has utilised the majority of the design but has been improved to aid ergonomic handling.

The non-slip type clamps enable the gap to be maintained accurately in order to facilitate a stress-free weld.

New handles have been fitted to prevent slipping and provide dedicated hand positions for the cylinder and clamps. The handles can also be utilised in conjunction with the Stressor Lifting / Carrying Tongs for a safer offset operation.

The Stressor is powder-coated yellow for high visibility when on track.

Numerous accessories, such as lifting / carrying tongs, side rollers, and under rail rollers are available.

The Permaquip™ Stressor is designed to be used in conjunction with the Permaquip Stressor Power Pack, available in both Petrol and Electric options.

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Note: 10 - 12 weeks lead time