Ironman Mk3 (For Export Market) - Non-Insulated

Product Code: IRM-01


The Permaquip™ Ironman Mk3 is designed to be used singularly or in pairs, for the lifting and transportation of rail lengths, or parts of points and crossings (P&C) from one location to another.

The Ironman Mk3 can also be used to transpose rail from one side of the track to the other. Therefore by straddling the running rails, access to the four-foot, six-foot and cess is possible.

The Ironman Mk3 has design variations approved to work on various infrastructures with features including:

  • Fail-safe braking system
  • Dismantlable frame to enable easier lifting and transportation
  • Two rail carriers for carrying two lengths of rail safely
  • Hoist carriage to support the new lever hoist
  • New lighter stronger rail clamp and quick release swivel


Length 1083mm, Width 1815mm, Height 1170mm
SWL Capacity
1500 Kg

Price on sign in

Note: 10 - 12 weeks lead time