Rail Creep AdjusterRail Creep Adjuster

Rail Creep Adjuster


Product Code: 06153

The Permaquip™ Rail Creep Adjuster is designed to adjust gaps in jointed track without damaging rail ends. Hydraulically operated, the unit can push or pull lengths of rail, and is obstructionless. This allows trains to pass over the track whilst the Rail Creep Adjuster is in the working position.


Dimensions of Ram and Rail Clamp Assembly: Length 560mm, Width 265mm, Height 170mm, Weight 23Kg

Dimensions of Hand Pump, Frame and Control Valve Assembly: Length 675mm, Width 280mm, Height 180mm, Weight 13Kg 


The maximum operating pressure of the Rail Creep Adjuster is 10,000 psi

The performance limits of the Rail Creep Adjuster are:

• Maximum operating pushing force 6.76 tonnes (opening joint)

• Maximum operating pulling force 7.04 tonnes (closing joint)

• Maximum ram stroke 152.4mm