Product Spotlight: Permaquip™ Swing Lift Trolley Crane


Reduce manual handling, increase productivity

The Permaquip™ Swing Lift Trolley Cranes have been specially designed to fit the Permaquip range of Type A and Type B Trolleys.

Choose from the range of Permaquip Swing Lift Trolley Cranes, SWL: 420kg UDL to suit your project.

The following variants fit along the length of the Trolley, allowing loads to be lifted and lowered between the 4’ and Trolley deck:

The side-fitting model fits across the width of the Trolley, giving greater reach to the side of the track:

Ideal for points motor renewal, especially when used with the Points Motor Crane Sling (Product Code: 39223)

All Crane variants are supplied with Flat Duplex and Lashing Straps to secure the Trolley to the rail head, prior to performing any lifting.

For more information, click here to see the Swing Lift Trolley Crane product page or please call 01623 513349 or email:

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