Product Spotlight: Permaquip™ Sandite Applicator


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Leaf fall in the autumn is a perennial problem. There are 10 million trees next to the track and their falling leaves cause adhesion issues. Crushed leaves contaminate the railhead reducing the trains braking efficiency and decreasing traction when setting off. 

The Permaquip™ RHA100 Sand and Gel Applicator has been designed to allow the rapid and easy application of the sand/gel mixture to the railhead in situations where train borne equipment is impractical.

It provides an immediate low cost solution to wheel slippage on the line, preventing costly delays.

The RHA100 unit is lightweight, easy to handle, easily operated and maintained by a single operator. It can be used singly or as a multiple unit to apply either sand or gel or both simultaneously, however we recommend that no more than three are linked.

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RHA100 Sandite Applicator

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