Stressor HSM70 with Screw Couplings (SC)Stressor HSM70 with Screw Couplings (SC)

Stressor HSM70 with Screw Couplings (SC)


Product Code: 26910

The Permaquip™ HSM70 Stressor with Screw Type Couplings.

The Permaquip™ HSM70 Stressor is designed to be used in pairs to adjust the gap between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding, repairing rail failures and for installing insulated joints. The non-slip type clamps enable the gap to be maintained accurately in order to facilitate a stress-free weld.

The Permaquip™ Power Pack is designed to provide power for the Stressor.

Please note the Power Pack and Hoses are sold seperately.


Dimensions of Clamp Assembly: Length 635mm, Depth 230mm, Height 365mm, Weight 66Kg

Dimensions of Ram Assembly: Length 845mm, Depth 180mm, Height 235mm, Weight 42Kg

Dimensions of Short Tie Bar Assembly: Length 467mm, Depth 90mm, Height 140mm, Weight 9Kg

Dimensions of Long Tie Bar Assembly: Length 1610mm, Depth 90mm, Height 140mm, Weight 22Kg

Dimensions of Extended Tie Bar Assembly: Length 3050mm, Depth 90mm, Height 140mm, Weight 37 Kg

Maximum Pulling Force: 78 Tonnes (39 Tonnes each Ram Assembly)


The Stressor can be used with the following rail sections:

BS90A, BS95A, BS100A, BS113A, UIC50, UIC54, UIC60, IRS75R, IRS90R, S49

(The appropriate rail guide will need to be fitted)