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Road Rail Utility Vehicle With Play

Road Rail Utility Vehicle

The Permaquip Road Rail Utility Vehicle is a multi-purpose solution for any rail business. A 4x4 vehicle, that travels at road speed to get staff and equipment to site. Then it becomes a rail vehicle that can perform inspection, towing, lifting and transporting duties to make any job more productive and efficient. A road rail vehicle that always delivers more for less.


Rail Jacking Trolley

Our Rail Jacking Trolley is the ultimate solution for re-padding work. With a specially designed work head and power system it can lift and re-position the rail when pads need replacing, making the whole operation safer and more productive. At a rate of 1000m/hour it's hard to beat.

Rail Jacking Trolley
Long Rail Trailer With Play

Long Rail Trailer

Moving long lengths of rail can be awkward and risky. The Permaquip Long Rail Trailer solves both of these problems in one design package. When used with one of our road rail vehicles, long lengths of rail can be moved, lifted and safely carried from storage point to worksite with ease. The unique carrying method ensures that the rail is always supported and level, making this method an accurate and professional way of installing new rail.


Rail Joint Straightener

The Permaquip Rail Joint Straightener is a great solution to dipped track joints. When rail ends are not aligned, drilling and plating the track can be very difficult, but this product can solve that problem. Made to a high engineering specification, our Rail Joint Straightener corrects this alignment safely and accurately, making the other activities easier and delivering a perfect finish to the track joint. The right specification achieved every time.

Rail Joint Straightener