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Rail Scrubber


Product Code: RS200H

The Permaquip RS200H Rail Scrubber unit has been designed to allow rapid and easy cleaning of railhead in situations where train borne equipment is either too expensive or impractical.

The RS200H provides an immediate low cost solution to contaminated rail heads ensuring a "clean" line in minutes.

The unit is lightweight, easy to handle, self powered and is easily operated and maintained by a single operator (but due to HSE lifting requirements, the unit will need two operators in order to lift the unit onto the track initially but in an emergency, the unit is light enough to be removed from the track by one operator).

The unit must only be used by a correctly trained person and under the supervision of a properly certified individual. 

All relevant "Network Rail" standards and safety requirement must be strictly adhered to at all times.

The RS200H is fitted with two 25watt/12volt lamps that make working in the dark much easier.


Dimension of Rail Scrubber: Height 985mm, Width 335.5mm, Length 1140mm, Weight 47Kg


Please refer to the user guide for more information and all technical specification.