LUL Ironman w/o Lifting EquipmentLUL Ironman w/o Lifting Equipment

LUL Ironman w/o Lifting Equipment


Product Code: 33273

The Permaquip™ LUL Ironman.

The Permaquip™ LUL Ironman is designed to be used singularly or in pairs, for the lifting and transportation of rail lengths, or parts of points and crossings (P&C) from one location to another. The Ironman can also be used to transpose rail from one side of the track to the other. Therefore by straddling the running rails, access to the four-foot, six-foot and cess is possible.

Dimensions of Ironman (Assembled): Depth 1065mm, Width 1935mm, Height 1400mm

Weight of Ironman: 141.5 Kg

SWL Capacity of Frame Assembly: 1500 Kg UDL