Drum trolleyDrum trolley

Drum trolley


Product Code: 33514

The Permaquip™ Drum Trolley is designed to be used as a vehicle towed/propelled platform, to transport cable drums along standard gauge track. The cable drum is carried on a rotating turntable such that the axis of the drum is held vertically.

Each Drum Trolley is equipped with a fail-safe hydraulic braking system when used in conjunction with the towing/propelling vehicle such as the Kubota/Gator or RRV.

The connecting hydraulic hose is permanently attached to the Drum Trolley and has a quick release coupling for connecting to the towing/propelling vehicle or the next trolley ahead in the train.

- Maximum speed on open track 20mph

- Maximum speed on sidings, P&C and curves 5mph

- Minimum curve radius 80 m

- Maximum cant 200 mm

- Maximum gradient 1:27

- SWL 2000Kg

The maximum size drum that can be carried on the single central turntable is 2.1m Dia by 1.25m High with a mass up to 2000Kg. Optionally the trolley can be equipped with 2 smaller turntables each capable of carrying drums up to 1.6m Dia with a mass of up to 1000Kg.

Dimensions of DrumTrolley: Length 3320mm, Width 1800mm, Height 1657mm, Weight 890Kg


Please see user guide for more information and full specification.